An investment operator and construction service provider offering system solutions for urban development
  • Investment operation service
  • Construction service

Develop five dominant industries covering culture, tourism, health, business logistics and characteristic industry and systematically integrate four major products to create value for urban development requirements.

  • Smart industry eco-city
  • Pan-China•Triple Integration Town
  • Smart Agricultural Valley
  • Trading center for characteristic agricultural products
  • Sponge city
  • Smart city
  • Regional energy
  • Integrated
    underground pipe
  • Urban
  • Modernization of
    construction industry
  • Environmental
  • Green building
  • Traffic
Oriented at "design + technology + industry + construction + capital + operation + informatization", construct a product and service system that provides system solutions (PPP/BOT/BLT/BOO/EPC) to urban development and provides menu-type one-stop systematic services for owners including planning, consulting, design, technology, construction, industry, finance and management & operation, etc.
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Project
  • Investment
    and operation
  • Planning
  • Consulting
  • Project
  • Construction
  • Management
Two-business development strategy

Domestically and internationally leading urban system developer and service provider

Resource integration business
Strategic development business
Core basic business
Business philosophy
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